The Ultimate Guide to Checkered Patterns in Menswear

Checks are not going away this summer, or probably for many seasons to come. Checked shirts are a wardrobe staple for every man, and rightfully so. They are universally flattering to wear all year round. Venfield has a wide array of collection to make you look crisp and dapper. Do you know your clothes well enough to make the most out of them? Understand the sartorial details and wear them better.


Gingham is one of the most iconic patterns, consisting of a white background and one other colour running horizontally and vertically. The pattern runs back to the 18th century and has stood the test of time. The variations to the pattern make it a trendy and fashionable choice for formal and casual wear. Pick your style and wear it with flair.

Madras Checks Madras -Checks

Madras is known for its pop of colour and culture, and why would the checkered pattern mean anything different? Madras Checks hold a myriad of colorful checks and stripes that run unevenly to make it a satisfying design on the whole. It is quintessential for every man's (especially from Madras) summer wardrobe, casual or quirky.

Tartan Plaid 

Tartan- Plaid

This pattern can be considered a sublime twin of the Madras Checks – with similar uneven patterns running in both directions. The subtlety is achieved significantly lesser colour tones. They are perfect for casual meetings!



The pattern is characterized by the even-sized notched checks in black and white, resembling a houndstooth. It has grown to spread across to other appealing colour variants. The black and white are well-suited for formal meetings while the others suit informal meetings.



This checker has made a comeback with people styling it brilliantly with khaki chinos. The pattern is simple, consisting of thin stripes crossing each other to brings out large checkered squares – you guessed it right – similar to our windowpanes. The conservative colour choices and predictable pattern make it a super formal business meeting attire.



These regularly shaped, horizontal and vertical, evenly spaced checks can go up to three colors. They make a good choice for casual wear, but the shirt is certainly not for business meetings.

Buffalo Checks 

Buffalo- Checks

Resembling the checkerboard, it consists of big, bold checks with two predominant colors that dominate the entire attire. One of the colors typically is black, while the other is played around. 

Shepherd’s Check 

Shepherd’s- Check

This pattern is similar to the gingham checks, yet the only difference is the weave – the shepherd's check comes with a twill weave backdrop. It makes the attire look so elegant and formal. As with gingham, the pattern is usually against a white backdrop. Although it can be versatile in its article of clothing, it typically goes well for jackets.

If you have noticed up close, wearing a checkered shirt or jacket makes you look broad-chested. As for the pairing is concerned, match the checked shirts or jackets with solid trousers and avoid clashing patterns. You can browse through the collection in Venfield and take your pick. If you have to choose between ties, go for a broader ensemble when the shirt has close detailing and vice versa.
The wide range of possibilities in checks makes it a versatile piece of clothing, as they are so amendable to dress up or down. Regardless of the pattern you choose – it is hip to be square.

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