How did Joggers step into the modern guy’s wardrobe?

We live in a world where to stay fit as a fiddle is more of a sine qua non! Fitness has grown beyond a hobby to a lifestyle and what’s more comfortable than stepping into a Jogger while at your workout!

But, how did this athleisure climb the charts at such a fast pace? Let’s find out.

The Genesis of Joggers

The- Genesis- of- Joggers

Working out with uncomfortable garments made a Frenchman zero in on a solution that is now the rage on the shelves of various sportswear stores.

Heard about “Le Coq Sportif”? Well, that’s the name of the world-renowned sportswear label founded by Emilie Camuset, a French athlete. He termed the moniker “Jogger” understanding the importance of designing separate clothing for sports as he invented this classic after various experimentations.

So, what are these Joggers that are widely popular in street wears and the tailored fashion scenes?

Joggers are traditional sports pants that have an athletic look and are comfortable and lightweight. They are the derivatives of sweatpants but are wider at the tops and tapered down the legs fitting the ankle closely. They have features that come in various forms like Pull-up style pant, an Elastic waistband with drawstrings, and also Elastic cuffed bottoms.

Types of Joggers

Types- of- Joggers

Sporty Joggers — These are the original and classic athleisure that offer a wider range of movements essential for a serious workout made from technical fibres that are breathable and odour-free.

Smart Joggers — Smart joggers are more tailored and have tapered legs than other types of joggers, allowing you to show off your legs thus flaunting a flattering silhouette and don’t sag at the knees. It can easily be worn to parties, dinner, and casual meetings.
Everyday Joggers — They help you live your day to day life in comfort and style. Right from doing your household chores to travelling in flight, they are redefining the fashion trends.

Lounge Joggers — This type of Jogger are typically loosely cut to offer a more relaxed fit and they focus on comfort more than performance.

Combinations that go best with Joggers

Combinations -that -go- best- with- Joggers

Depending on the occasions and dress codes, today Joggers can up the fashion quotient as they can be styled in countless ways.

Sweatshirt with Joggers — A seriously stylish streetwear outfit, this combo is a popular one for everyday wear.

Casual T-shirt with Joggers — With a well-fitted T-shirt and a jogger that sits tightly just above your ankle, this complement is the best for an easy weekend look.

Polo shirts with Joggers — Polo being the fashion classic that can go well for sports or casual wears look great when paired with the Joggers.

Track Jackets with Joggers — Track jackets with Joggers lend a great athletic vibe.

Hoodies with Joggers — They are pretty much popular with celebrities donning the look for a casual look appropriate for simple errands and occasions.

Business look with Joggers —With a casual button-up or knit tee and a less structured blazer in a dark or neutral colour, dress up the business look with the right Jogger.

A garment that has made the best of both worlds can be right in your closet. All you got to do is visit our website Venfield and get into action!

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