Formal Wear v/s Casual Wear - Which One to Go for on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day! Does it ring a bell in your heart or bring butterflies to your stomach?

To make it a perfect day, you would have prepared by booking a table at that cosy restaurant, gotten the florist to make the best bouquet and deliberated on how to spend that quality time and make your girl feel special.

Every preparation is well set. But are you forgetting something? Or did you leave it for the end? Outfits are, most certainly, kept at the end of the list of Valentine's day preparation which most men think they can put through in a short span.

Making a lasting impression is necessary, but last-minute preparation never suffices your needs and wants. Men tend to leave it on the loose. And then all you witness in a mismatched, untidy and horrible looking outfit for such a special moment in your life.

Formals or Casuals? It is a topic of debate. Men can always be confused with what to choose to look perfect and desirable, but not to their dismay we have tips to help you style yourself and save you for that date.

Effortlessly Chic

Do you like your dates casual? Are you somebody who likes going to that mainstream café for a coffee or just a good old movie date? Do you like keeping it low-key and dress up minimal? So here is how you can dress up in your casuals.

Pair wear your jeans that are in a satisfactory and neat condition, pair it up with a classic t-shirt to add that edgy look, pair it up with denim or a leather jacket. Additionally, you can also go for a colourful button-up shirt and steal the show with your glam! Check out Venfield’s Contra Colour Collection of shirts now!

Never forget to accessorize with a classic belt, watch or even sunglasses and classic white shoes to give that chic and edgy look. You will never go wrong with the basics. The plus point is this look is easily achievable.

The Day-Date

You can plan a date and not want to keep low-key. You can go for a brunch or a trip to another city or just a casual restaurant. You need to look a little dressier. It is a bit tricky to get right since it is neither formal nor casual.

What can you do? You can always go with chinos or dress pants, along with a printed, basic or a polo neck t-shirt or a shirt with a blazer to cut slack to the casual look. What is more important is to pair the right colours. Mix and match are apt for such days on dates, so be very careful while styling.

As for the accessories, you can pair it up with a black or brown shoe with a funky pair of socks. Never forget the classic watch. Pair all this and go out there to make a statement of your individuality.

Of course, Venfield has got you covered in all ways! With our limited-edition Valentine’s Day masks, you can keep viruses away and love in the air this Velentine’s day!

Suit It Up

You have made a reservation and booked a table at that fancy restaurant. You want to make it a perfect evening possible. From putting across an order from your favourite florist to the very thoughtful gift, you have put in all your efforts. Flash news- What are you going to wear?

You want to match up to the expectations and all the efforts put in. The best option for such kinds of dates is to opt for formals. A perfect cut through suit might do wonders you are unaware.

Go in for classic colours like blue, grey, and darker tones and maybe a velvety texture to give that rich look. All you got to do is pair a stylish blazer with a shirt and Oxfords, of course. Go traditional for Valentine's date. You aim to look well-dressed and attractive.

With all that said, there is one more important aspect to dressing in 2021 – masks! Get Venfield’s limited-edition Valentine’s Day masks that will blend with your clothes and also set the Ventine’s Day mood.

Stay In, but Dress up


Do you prefer staying in for your Valentine's date and do Netflix and chill, which still can be a comfortable option? But never go with your hoodie and jeans combination yet again.

Remember that you want to keep your outfit relaxed, but presentable. Go for sweatpants or a pair of jeans and casual, basic or a V neck t-shirt to give that effortless look. Footwear should not be a problem, but make sure you wear a good pair of socks. You can wear socks with a funky design.

No matter how much you have planned for Valentine's day, it is essential to choose an outfit that you are comfortable in. Comfort comes first. Do not forget to flatter your best features and have knowledge of what suits you. The last grooming routine is extremely important which men neglect. Do have it as a focus.


The debate is not about formals vs casuals. It is a discussion between formals or casuals. This should always depend on the place you go, activities you do and surrounding that you are in.

You should understand that dressing up should never contradict you sense of style and comfort. Always believe in what you do and wear your confidence on the sleeve.

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