Dress like a CEO - Best Formal Attire Ideas for Men

Dress like a CEO - Best Formal Attire Ideas for Men

The right outfit can be the game changer in your life! In a professional set up, like an office, a perfect formal attire will aid in making you stand out and in boosting your confidence. It will make you feel like a boss and be the boss that you are. Not anyone can succeed in achieving the perfect formal attire suitable for an office. There are a few do's and don'ts when it comes to office wear, and not adhering to them will only cause fashion disasters at the workplace!

Keeping the outfit minimal
Monotonous outfits for a more professional appeal
Button up shirts are more suitable than a T-shirt

No big, bright, and bold colours for an office set up.
Strictly no jeans for formal wear. Too casual!
Must refrain from incorporating any patterns or prints in the shirt

Let us now scourge through the men's closet for some best formal attires which could be worn for the office and leave a fashionable impression:

Suit Up!

Nothing can beat a classic suit when it comes to formal attire, as one simply can't go wrong with it! A tailored fit suit will give a well-defined silhouette and, at the same time, will carry the required professional appeal. It is preferable to wear a tailored fit suit rather than a slim fit, as it will give a bit more breathing space and allow more movement. But if comfort is the priority, then a regular fit suit will be your next go-to option!
The outfit can be complemented with a pair of solid-coloured chinos and dress shoes, which will complete the look!

Strictly Neutral

Choosing the right tone and colour coordination plays a role of paramount importance, as it can make or break the entire outfit. The neutral tones are the most preferred and are often considered appropriate for business environments. It consists of varying shades of black, grey, white, and brown. Subtle colours like powdered blue or light yellow are perfectly suitable for the office set-up as well. It will showcase the right amount of professional yet relaxed look.
In the case of office parties or get-to-gathers, some fashion experiments can be allowed with colours and patterns, but nothing too drastic.

Experimenting with Patterns and Prints


Very often, the office going people can be spotted sporting either a checked or a striped shirt. But anything beyond that is quite rare, as it will not exactly seem professional for a normal office setup. Patterned or printed shirts are considered more suitable for business casual or smart casual look, which is why it will not fit in for a formal look. It is not necessary to restrict yourself from trying your hands in new looks, but it is better if the outfit does not have bold or too many patterns printed on them. It is always preferable to keep the outfit monotonous and simple to be on the safer side.

Cufflinks: For That Touch of Fashion

Cufflinks are small pieces of fashion jewellery that can make a statement by adding just the right amount of elegance. It is an ornamental accessory that can be used to hold the cuffs in place. As most men tend to ditch their suit jackets and instead settle for dress shirts alone, these cufflinks will come in handy then! It will make even a plain white shirt appear more dapper and sleeker. A gold or silver colour Cufflinks are usually preferred, as they will almost go with any outfit.

Ties: A Staple Item

It is not uncommon to find office going men sporting ties for their everyday look. The ties can perfectly fit in with just dress shirts or suits and, will give that professional look. This accessory can be used to incorporate patterns and a pop of colour to even a simple outfit. It will help in adding a personal touch to the entire look. There are a wide variety of options available when choosing a tie, and nothing can restrict their fashion choices. It will give the perfect opportunity to make a style statement with either a solid coloured tie or a patterned tie.

Lapel Pins and Pocket Squares: Going the Extra Mile

The lapel pins and pocket squares are not accessories that are worn often in a normal office setup, as these are considered too dressy. But if you are working in the creative field - most preferable art-oriented, these accessories will be perfectly suitable! They will add more personality to the look and will alleviate any outfit. Lapel pins/ brooches and pocket squares are accessories that were designed for all formal events and, it's not restricted to just office formal wear alone. There is a wide range of designs offered under both Lapel pins and pocket squares, which will allow you to experiment with them to your heart's content and elevate your outfit.


It is always essential to add your personal touch to every outfit, which will set you apart from others. In fact, adding a touch of creativity can help in expressing yourself through your attire. Fashion yourself in your best formal wear attire and let your outfit speak for itself.

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