Upgrade your Wardrobe for the Sankranti Festival in 2021!

Makar Sankranti is a religious Indian festival that is celebrated to mark the winter solstice and the onset of longer days. This festival is celebrated all over the country and it goes by different names in each place.
Apart from the rituals that are performed during worship, fun activities like flying kites, lighting a bonfire, organizing fairs, and dancing together are also enjoyed by the people and this is what makes this festival complete.
As this festival follows the solar calendar, Makar Sankranti is generally celebrated on the 14th or the 15th of January every year. In 2021, this auspicious day falls on January 14!
So, if you want to look at your absolute best during the coming Makar Sankranti, and if you are in a muddle on how to do that, then Venfield is here to your rescue.

Choose Venfield to Make Your Sankranti Fashion Statement in 2021

To gear up for the coming Makar Sankranti, Venfield has added a new collection called ‘Contra Colours' wherein, you can buy shirts online and look crisp and alive whilst celebrating the beautiful festival of Sankranti in 2021 with your friends and family.
Find out more about the different colours that are on offer to make your decision simplified.

Bleed Blue


The colour blue is closely related to peace, harmony, and trust. Most people go for this colour, as it portrays them as calm and composed. It is also a very casual look and most people's go-to option when in doubt. So how about kick-starting your 2021 festive season by bleeding blue! 

At Venfield, we offer two shades of blue shirts that you can try out this Makar Sankranti. The Cobalt Blue shirt, which is a darker shade, and the Artic Blue shirt which is a lighter version.

Paint the Town Red


Red has always been one of the favourite colours for many people as it signifies love, passion, and also energy, and power.
During your Sankranti celebrations in 2021, you and your family might have a lot of activities planned and a red shirt will just give you that smart and trim look that you are looking for.
We at Venfield have a Brick Red shirt in our apparel that you must take a look at.
Want something in a lighter shade of red? Then not to worry! We have got that base covered too, as our collection also includes a Rogue Pink shirt.

Shine like the Sun


Saying that 2020 has been a roller coaster ride would just be an understatement. All of us are hoping for a happier and safer 2021. And as Makar Sankranti is the first festival of the year, it cannot get better.
Sankranti is a festival of happiness and togetherness and what better way to celebrate it than by wearing a yellow shirt that symbolizes joy, happiness, and friendship. After all, this is a festival where we worship the sun and welcome longer days.
Check out Venfield’s Sunset Yellow contra colour shirt and shine brightly throughout 2021’s Makar Sankranti.

Go Green


The colour Green also goes hand in hand with Sankranti. Makar Sankranti is the festival of harvest of the food grains and crops, and green signifies the environment, nature, and good luck.
Sport Venfield’s Robin Egg or the Parakeet Green shirt and give yourself that authentic traditional look in 2021.

A Splash of Orange


Orange is the most vibrant and flamboyant of all colours. It is a colour that will suit almost anyone and give you that stylish and dapper look.
If you plan on giving yourself a splash of orange this festive season, then take a look at Venfield’s Tiger Orange contra colour shirt.

What Makes Venfield Products Special?

 The contra colour shirts that are part of Venfield’s collection has been tailor-made for the benefit and comfort of the consumer. They are made with 100% Giza cotton, which is known for its high quality and strength. 

The fabric is also weaved and mercerized in a special technique that gives it a smooth, shiny, and polished look and feel.
Also, if you are worried that COVID-19 will spoil all the fun and pose a risk to your festival and celebration, then we have just the solution to this problem. With every shirt bought on Venfield, you will get a free mask that will match the colour of your shirt.


Most of you might be planning on celebrating Makar Sankranti in your own different way. It may be a simple ritual at your home with your close ones, or a get together with your friends, or a celebration and a feast with all your loved ones.
Irrespective of the nature of your celebration, one thing is common. All of you will want to look smart and sharp on the day. And Venfield helps you in doing just that.
So, what are you waiting for? 14th January is not far away. Take a look at Venfield’s contra colour shirts and upgrade your wardrobe today.
Make a bold men’s fashion statement in 2021 and have a joyous and safe Makar Sankranti!

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