Tips For Men To Wear Pastels Right

Choosing the right pastels colours can be tricky sometimes. With a wide range of options available, it might be difficult to choose the right shade. Here are some fab tips for men to wear pastels right.

Choosing hard and soft pastels:

Choosing -hard- and- soft- pastels:

Pastel shades are duller shades of vibrant colours with a bit of luminosity. They are classified as soft and hard pastels, and the primary difference between both is the final look they present when the fabric is worn. Hard pastels are usually intense, vibrant shades, whereas soft pastels appear washed-out and chalked. The choice of pastel should be made based on the occasion and skin tone of the wearer. For example, hard pastels are suitable for formal events such as meetings. On the contrary, soft pastels are excellent choices for a summer party or family get-togethers.

 Choosing right pastels for your skin tone


 Choosing -right- pastels- for- your- skin -tone

Identification of skin tone and picking complementary colours to go with it is the mantra to choosing the right shade of pastels. Red, yellow and brown are best suited for warm skin tones. Likewise, baby blues, candy pinks, and pastel lilacs complement cool skin tones.

Similarly, hard pastel shades like candy pink and pale orange look great in people with light skin tones. All pastel shades, especially lemon, lavender, and aqua tones look great on people with dark skin tones.

Men with neutral skin tone, or a combination of warm and cool tones, should go with neutral pastel shades as it blends in well with their skin tone.

Choosing right garment with pastels.

Choosing- righ- garment- with -pastels.

When it comes to choosing the right ensemble, there are a few shades that would go well with any pastel shade. For example, a pair of blue jeans will go well with all pastel shirts and tees.

Also light pastel shades will look crisp with dark suits and pants. Pastel trousers or shorts can also work well as a part of an outfit if paired well. Wearing a dark toned t-shirt or shirt, or a monochrome ensemble comprising matching accessories is highlights pastel pants in a subtle manner.

You can find high-quality shirts in Venfield’s smart collection. Always make sure that you have a dark and light balance in your dress choices.

Pairing pastels with whites

Pairing -pastels- with- whites

Mixing whites with pastel shades is another glorious and classic way to wear pastels. White is the universal complementary colour of pastel shades. Therefore, white jeans and a pastel shirt are a perfect combination for folks who want to stay simple without drawing much attention. Wearing pastels with neutral shades will also work out well. 

Not wearing tight-fitting pastel clothes

Not- wearing -tight-fitting- pastel -clothes

Another important thing to note is to avoid wearing tight-fitting pastel clothes. Always go for moderately loose-fits. Keep a balance in the size and the colour of your clothes. Some pastel colours will make people look slightly bigger than what they actually are.

Rocking the town in pastels

With constantly changing fashion trends it is hard to find the right style. Pastels are definitely a great addition to every wardrobe for all seasons.

Amp up your pastel fashion choices with elegant and enthralling pastels. Venfield has a huge collection of smart casuals, formals, and bamboo cotton collection in pastels.


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