Polo Shirts - A Guide to Comfortable Styling

Polo Shirt, the wardrobe staple of preppy gentlemen, is one attire you can not go wrong about. The versatile, ideal garment is the perfect go-to, whether you have a casual date, a laid-back interview, or a hangout at a quaint bistro.

Styling a Polo Shirt is an art in itself. Since these comfy wears are appropriate for a wide range of occasions and situations, styling them can be perplexing at times. However, to your aid, here is a styling guide to the classic, comfy-hitting garments - The Polo Shirts.

Styling Your Polo Shirts

Polo Shirts are just perfect if you want to bridge the gap between a tee and a dress shirt, all while looking incredibly chic and handsome. Here are few ways you can style the infinitely versatile Polo Shirts, depending on the occasion and work:

For A Business Classic Look

For -A- Business -Classic -Look

Styling Polo Shirts to give off a smart classic business-ish is a sure-fire way to make a fashion statement without speaking anything. You can layer Polo Shirts with a complementary blazer while ensuring that you button up two to three buttons on the neck to keep it formal and dashing.

Use a mild block colour for your Polo Shirt and pair it with chinos or black trousers. Go with some formal Oxford shoes and tuck in the shirt for the sophisticated man-of-work look.

Moving the classic business or business classic another step up, you can go for a solid coloured Polo Shirt and leather shoes, or loafers. This is a powerful look to blend in casualness and business together and a perfect styling for weekend dinners and drinks with professionals or colleagues.

For A Casual, Go-Out Look

For -A -Casual, -Go-Out- Look

Do you want to play it cool and still balance fashion with the realms of simplicity? A Polo Shirt styled casually can do the job. Pair your Polo Shirt with easy-going trousers or sweats and sneakers. To give off the ultra-sophisticated yet casual vibe, put on that 'CHICAGO' cap or that puffer jacket.

You can also layer polo shirts for a casual look. Although layering and Polos are not usually seen complimentary, it sure is a millennial obsession that we can not shake off. You can layer Polo Shirts with inner-tanks or t-shirts to make it youthful and fun.

For A Retro 80s Look

For- A- Retro -80s- Look

Yes, we are back to the nostalgic retro, because why not? If you are obsessed with the 80s styling, Polo Shirts can significantly help you find your 80s retro expression. Wear a classic black or white Polo Shirt with blue or light acid wash denim jeans for the sunny retro style. You can also go for dark jewel tones such as forest green or navy and pair it with black denim for an easy-going but more serious look.

Step up your retro game with aviators or your favourite ray-bans.

Do you want the 80's look minus the casual vibes? You can swap up to a more formal 80's retro look with a woollen-knitted Polo Shirt with contrasting armbands, plackets and collar bands and dark blue or black denim.

For the comfy summer look

For- the- comfy -summer- look

Polo Shirts, especially the pique cotton or the jersey polos, make for an excellent choice of clothing in summers. Creating the breezy summer look is super-easy and highly comfy with Polo Shirts. When it gets all sweaty and hot, you can up the ante with Polo Shirts combined with shorts and casual-comfy shoes such as loafers or boat shoes. You can also pair your Polo Shirts with espadrilles for the relaxed 'I-am-on-a-Tahitian-Island' vibe.

Opt for monochromes when selecting colours for Polo Shirts, and leave the polo untucked to keep it casual. Once you are confident enough to experiment with bolder colours, pick them and try mixing and matching them with the shorts.

For a sporty athleisure look

For- a -sporty -athleisure- look

 It's the 21st century, and this is the reign of Millenials. The one thing millennials are never getting rid of is Athleisure, and what better and timeless piece of clothing can you style as athleisure other than Polo Shirts!

Prep up your sporty game with jersey knit Polo Shirts and the most obvious go-to sports lowers - the shorts! You can further step up the sporty-look ladder by experimenting with different jersey styles. For example, you can pair up your Polo Shirts with solid chill bomber jackets and tracksuit joggers.

Final Takeaway

When it comes to styling Polo Shirts, start with colours that complement your skin colour instead of throwing them off. Follow the basic protocols, and once you have gotten used to them, you can experiment with the fit, colour, material, and so much more.

Venfield has an extensive collection of Polo Shirts with a gargantuan number of choices from solid colours, to striped wool-knits, in every possible fabric and knit. Thus, if you are looking to load your wardrobe with these eternally stylish clothing pieces, Venfield is your go-to.

Because when it comes to Polo Shirts, they are your absolute allies in the fashion game!

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