How to Style Clothes for Men Taller than 6 Feet?

Is being tall a good thing or a bad thing? Does the reality of being taller than 6 feet coincide with the stereotypes that the movies and popular culture portray?
Struggling through compact cars and airlines, decreased knee room and zero leg space, banging heads through low ceiling doors, tall men have seen it all. Above all, their worst nightmare would be fashion faux pas.
Fashion is no exception to them. For those who have crossed the six-foot mark, wrists begin to poke out from the shirt, ankles start to show, dress shirts tend to easily untuck, finding shoes above the size 15 are just one among the ten thousand problems they have with fashion.
The whole point of finding the right clothes to wear is not to camouflage the height but embrace the structure and make it look proportional. It is not all; if you strive for something, you have to work harder. It might require more efforts than usual body and height types, but the results will be flourishing if done right.
To understand the exquisite men styling and tips, stay on to the article, and you might be in for surprises. Or rather, find a solution to the problem.

Dress for Your Skin Tone

Dress- for -Your -Skin -Tone

It is one of the most neglected points of all time. That same piece of clothing doesn't need to look equally great on tall men. That is so not true. Sorry for bursting your bubble. That does not mean you are alone but unique in your way.
To dress according to your skin tone, check the veins of your hands. It will help in determining whether you are cool, neutral or warmer tones. Blue/purple veins denote a cool skin tone. Whereas; green denotes a warm tone. In case, you can’t distinguish, it means you have a neutral skin tone.
If cool-toned, choose colours like Blues, emerald, lavender and so on. For warm-toned, choose colours like red, orange, gold, yellow, amber and so on. Neutral tones can wear any colour, but colours like green, classic red, lagoon blue look the best.

Find the Fit

Find- the -Fit

Finding the right fit is exactly like drinking an elixir. Not just tall men, every human on this planet crave clothes that fit them the best. Unless you have a tailor, who sets everything right, right from your shirts to well-fit pants you have nothing to worry about.
But what if you go to malls for an extra kick in your shopping experience? Do you end up looking like a bag of the parachute with all those extra-large clothes? And if you are now tired of hiding behind those baggy clothes, we have a surprise for you.
Find clothes that suit best your tall body and structure at your convenience. Dive into our website to experience something like never before.

Break Those Pieces


Break- Those -Pieces

It is one trick that tall men should swear to. It is such a masterful trick that is enough to create distinct lines for the viewer's sight and king your height, β€œoh so flattering!” Tall men should embrace this odd combination.
It means that they can pair up their pants and jackets/sweatshirts of a different material. It will help with more use of their grey and blue suits lying in the wardrobes unused. Also, now you have four outfits in total. Voila!

Stripes are Tricky. Choose Wisely

Stripes - are -Tricky.- Choose Wisely

The safest print that men can turn onto themselves is stripes or checks. These patterns are basic but add more depth to the sense of style. Checks can work wonders, but the stripe is tricky than you imagine. Tall men should stay away from the vertical stripe (you know why). It does not mean they look away from horizontal. Before you wear the out, check if it suits you or not.

Add layers

Add -layers

Tall men know their body best but also needs to be reminded about a few things. Texture, layers and some patterning are good choices for men. It adds more dimension and depth, knocking off attention from the height.
They have a longer torso to cover, and so they can opt for vests or jackets, and with a suit add a matching waistcoat or a double-vested jacket; instead. Varied textures can make them look more natural and gives room to experiment.
Layering also means a smaller wardrobe that is far more versatile.

Accessorize the Right Way

Accessorize- the -Right Way

It is a step not to forget. Styling clothes for taller men, it is necessary to accessorize. It can accentuate the entire look. It can make a clear difference leaving men with the thought of wanting more pieces to style.
A well-placed belt can change the outcome of your look. In an official setting, men need to stick to classics. But for a casual day out, they can go wild with leather, coloured belts or even wide buckles. Take advantage of it, and get going with a nice collection of belts.
Select ties that will always end their length to the middle of the belt. Besides, use a pocket square to compliment when you wear your classic suits, blazer or sports jacket.
Men should learn to embrace bolder shoes with exceptional textures that will drag eyes down to their feet. The objective is not to camouflage the length but to complement your style. Men shouldn't have second thoughts about pulling off red loafers or coloured boots. But make sure you avoid loud colours that look clownish.


Men usually have limited options for clothing available to them. Adding to it are the problems of clothing that tall men face. But it does not have to rip them off of all the options. If they have the will to do it, they will go for it. Right guidance is all they are looking for.
We hope that this article saves all those tall men out there struggling to put pieces together. Take tips that suit you and start implementing them. Till then, happy shopping with Venfield.

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