Cufflinks - The Classiest Accessory for Men's Formals

Cufflinks help in adding just the right amount of sophistication and elegance to any smart formal attire. They are an alternative for buttons and usually come as a separate accessory that can be sewn into the buttonholes of long sleeve shirts. They possess the capabilities to put together the whole look once it's worn along with a tuxedo or dress shirt.
Although they might appear small and insignificant, cufflinks are diverse and can make profound fashion statements! They come in different types, shapes, materials, and colours to fulfil their purpose as a versatile accessory. According to the mood of the occasion, they can be played with to make a style statement. Let us delve into the world of men's shirt cufflinks, which will help in building your wardrobe.


A Man’s Ultimate Guide to Cufflinks!

Cufflinks, as an accessory, can never be restricted to just a few variables as fashion knows no bounds! Some variants of cufflinks are silver, gold, or metallic, and the front face is decorated with stones or jewellery to distinguish each piece. The price and overall value of the cufflinks will surge with the kind of precious stones or metals added to them.


Luxury Cufflinks

Here are some of the luxury men's cufflinks mentioned below:


Go Golden

A gold-plated cufflink is usually preferred by most as it will reflect classiness and would be an eye-catching piece of accessory in any event. Pairing the gold cufflinks with a formal tuxedo will be the best choice!


Pleasing Platinum

Platinum cufflinks are a luxury, as they are very precious jewellery, and will help in making a fashion statement when paired with smart formals.


Shine like Silver


These are the most commonly worn cufflinks by almost everyone as the sterling silver makes the job easier, and will ooze elegance and simplicity. Sterling silver cufflinks can be worn for both formal and informal events.


Simple Cufflinks for Every Man

But the cufflinks are just not about the precious stones and metals used in them. The shapes offered in cufflinks are quite varied and diverse as well.


Bullet Back/Toggle


These are the most commonly worn cufflinks because of the ease of their wearability. It is also commonly called a toggle cufflink. They include a metal bar resembling a cylindrical shape, which will be used to secure the cufflink in place, by flipping it outward in 90 degrees.


Whale Back

Whale Back cufflinks are not very different from the bullet back cufflinks because of the similarities in their locking mechanisms. While the metal bar in a bullet back cufflink resembles a cylinder, the Whale Back has a shorter and rectangular bar, akin to a whale’s tail. It has to be rotated outward to lock in the cufflinks


Chain Link


Both ends of the cufflinks are connected, by a flexible chain, which sets them apart from other cufflinks. It is the most original and traditional form of cufflinks but is hardly worn now because of the difficulties associated with securing the cufflinks in place. Hence, the chain link can be considered as one of the most unique men’s cufflinks.


Stud/Button Cufflinks

It is a very easily wearable cufflink as it does not require much work when trying to lock the cufflink. It has two circular ends, wherein one end will be bigger than the other. The smaller end will be used to rotate, and then straighten the lock on cufflinks. There is no risk of fumbling or facing any difficulties with button cufflinks as they are quite sturdy.


Ball Returns Cufflinks

They are found to be quite similar to button cufflinks, owing to its reason for its sturdiness. The post which is attached to both the front and back face of the cufflinks will be curved and both the ends will resemble a ball. One end of the cufflinks will be bigger than the other, and the smaller end is usually used to fasten the cufflinks along the sleeves.


Locking Dual-Action Cufflinks

Often, relevance is drawn to that of a wristwatch as it is unique in its day. As the name suggests, the locking mechanisms of the cufflinks take place on both ends. In terms of difficulties faced while fastening cufflinks, this might top the list!


Silk Knot Cufflinks

The silk knot cufflinks are the only cufflinks that can play with vibrant colours and not restrict themselves to monochromatic colours, which is usually the case for all cufflinks.
These are also the most affordable cufflinks as they will not contain any jewellery to add up the value. Hence, they can be worn for casual/informal events well without feeling overdressed.


Fabric Cufflinks

The front face of these cufflinks will have fabric buttons placed into them. They are quite similar to silk knot cufflinks as these cufflinks can be worn for both semi-formal and casual events without standing out too much! They will be perfect for a minimalistic touch to smart formal attire.



It is not always necessary that cufflinks have to be restricted to just the before mentioned kinds. There is always an option for customizing and personalizing men's cufflinks to suit each individual's preferences.
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