Casual Shirt vs Formal Shirt: What makes the difference

Men’s fashion has significantly evolved over the years, and choices are flooded when it comes down to shirts. With the overwhelming products in the market, the line between casual and formal shirts has started to blur.
What’s the difference between formal and casual shirts? Is it necessary to understand the characteristics that differentiate each other? When to wear them? Find out all the answers now!

The basic differences in style:

The- basic -differences- in- style

Formal shirts are colored conservatively and predominantly have stiff collars. It will be ideal to wear neckties and pair them with jacket lapels above them. The manufacturers will be attentive to the spectrum of colors in order to scale down the colors.
On the contrary, casual shirts have decorative stitching and attractive buttons, making them versatile. They typically have more patterns and pockets; will be styled comfortably. The weaves can be rugged and less glossy.

The distinction in fabric:


The -distinction- in -fabric

The fabric of a shirt can quickly give out its type and the materials that went into it. No matter how well your shirts fit, the fabric will play a major role in determining if it is the ideal choice.
Formal shirts have higher thread counts and will be made with tight cotton. Some manufacturers add a bit of sheen to it in order to make it look classy.
Casual shirts have lighter weaves such as linen, chambray, etc., and are available in numerous colors.



It is one of the factors that distinguish formal and casual shirts. The length of a shirt can give out whether it is made to be tucked or untucked.
Typically, people prefer to keep formal shirts tucked in and so they will be longer than casual shirts. We recommend you to check with your back pockets; if the shirt falls beyond it, then it should be tucked.
To be in the safer zone, you should buy casual shirts that stay in the middle of your back pockets. This rule of thumb will save you from several fashion bloopers that are likely to happen.



The frame of a shirt is an aspect that is often overlooked by the masses. Always try before you buy them; button all the way up to the top button. Stretch your arms in every direction to make sure that your mobility isn’t hindered by the shirt.
Ensure that the shirt fits seamlessly with the shape of your torso. You can go in a traditional cut shirt if you have a round body. Make sure that it's not too tight or sloppy and look for a little extra room for casual shirts.
If you still find trouble to find your ideal shirt and often end up with an undesirable bloused look, approach your tailor. Different brands of shirts will fit differently despite the same size.

When to wear a Formal shirt?

When- to- wear -a -Formal -shirt?

It is a must-have attire in every man’s wardrobe and can be worn to interviews, formal parties, weddings, etc. If you want to look smart at a fancy party, you can experiment with the fusion of a smart-casual look.

When to wear a Casual shirt?

When- to- wear- a- Casual- shirt?

Casual shirts can be termed as the ideal dress code for date nights as the occasion requires you to look smart in a subtle way. You can also pick up casual shirts made with linen for your summer holidays. Casual shirts will make you look presentable and can be paired with various attires easily.

Tips to pair with your shirt:

Tips- to -pair- with- your- shirt:

Pairing your shirts can make or break your look. Pairing up a formal shirt with jeans is just apples and oranges. It will bring down the formality of your look and negates the dress factor. You can pair your casual shirt with sweaters, blazers, or suit jackets.
Casual shirts are the perfect material to experiment with your looks by adding layers to your overall look. Strike a balance between the stylish look and comfort to make it more dressy.
By wearing the ideal attire based on the occasion, you can get on the right track. Each shirt has its own winning aspects and at the end of the day, only your choice will matter.

In a nutshell:

With the perilous choices available, you should invest in shirts that bring out the best look. We hope that this article helps you to flaunt a refined and dapper look with shirts.

Stick to the basics and find some inspiration to gear up your curated look!

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