8 essential tips to maintain your jeans

Your jeans are an extension of your personality and a well-worn piece of fabric. It travels with you through every fall, splits, dashes, and other moves for a long time. But as they say, even “Rome shall fall”, the interwoven fabric of jeans will see its end if subjected to wear and tear over the years.
It is a serious investment in every man’s wardrobe that requires care and high maintenance to maintain it in a pristine condition. Unfortunately, most people overlook the maintenance part and their pieces could not last as long as expected. Here are some curated tips that will reward you with long lasting jeans.

Wash your jeans with cold water:

Wash -your-jeans -with -cold- water:

Always use cold water to wash your jeans as it will reduce the speed of fading and shrinking. However, if you continue to wash jeans in hot water, the fabric will start to deteriorate and the color will get faded. You will have to refill your wardrobe and spend a huge sum on it.

Air dry your jeans:

Air -dry- your -jeans

Everyone has a dryer attached to their washing machine and we strictly advise you not to use it for your jeans. Instead, you can stick with the traditional way; air drying them. It is advised that you shouldn’t wash your jeans too often, however, you can freshen them by handing them outside in the fresh air.

Spot clean your jeans:

Spot- clean- your- jeans

Never toss your jeans into the wash to see them go round and round inside them. Even if you spilled your favorite sauce or mustard paste on it, spot clean it by using an appropriate remover or brush.  

Don’t wash your jeans often:

Don’t -wash your -jeans- often

The fabric of jeans is hydrophobic and so you should think twice before washing them. It will shrink or fade depending on the quality of denim used. If your jeans aren’t sanforized, you need to take extra care of them. Look for washing instructions printed on your jeans to learn more about them.

Wash jeans with similar colors:

Wash- jeans -with- similar -colors

Chances are high that your jeans will bleed if they are wet, especially if it is a dark color. To avoid such scenarios, you should avoid mixing up jeans with lighter colors inside the washing machine. Also, remember not to bleach your jeans and avoid powder based detergents.

Wash your jeans inside out:

Wash -your -jeans- inside -out

You can save your jeans from machine-related damages by turning them inside out before washing them. By following this simple method, only the interior part of your jeans is exposed, thus preserving the exterior look. By this method, you can easily minimize the abrasion which will cause the jeans to fade in the long term. Also, remember to zip your zippers and fasten your button to keep your jeans in shape.

Read the care label:

Read- the- care- label

How many of us actually checked the care label of our jeans? They hold special instructions from the manufacturer related to washing and ironing. As there are different types of jeans in the market that vary with the materials and craftsmanship, it is safe to go through the label. Typically, care labels can be found at the back of your waistband. For instance, if you are not supposed to wash your jeans in hot water and you do the exact thing, it will damage the fabric. 

Avoid cramming the washing machine:

Avoid -cramming- the- washing -machine

Although loading more garments into the washing machine will get things done faster, it will eventually tear your fabrics. As the jeans will not have sufficient room to move around, the stitching will break. Make sure that your clothes circulate freely inside the washing machine and are thoroughly cleaned. 

To conclude:

So what’s the best thing to do? Don’t wash them often and take good care of them if you want them to last longer. Denim was made to withstand tough working conditions and it will be the staple in your wardrobe if you follow the whole set of rules.
Invest in good quality jeans to bring out your uber cool look. What do you think of these tips? Every jeans devotee has their own advice on maintaining it; let’s face it, how do you take care of your jeans?

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