5 Tips on how to Take Care of your Polo T-Shirts

Polo T-shirts have been a long-adorned wardrobe staple for men. The simple piece of clothing can transform the look and exude a classy quality.
As a classier replacement to the accustomed shirts, they allow you to amp up the game and be effortlessly stylish – day or night. The distinctive collar, buttons, clean-cut designs, and breathable fabric helps you rock the look without much effort. It is also a super simple attire to style – pair it up with chinos, trousers, jeans, shorts, or even suit pants - it will blend in perfectly.
An ensemble that is so versatile is a must-have in every man’s closet. Venfield has whopping variants of Polo Tees, so you can choose the ones that match your style and vibe.
There’s just a small catch too – They expect a certain amount of aftercare to style you for a long time, and we think it’s a reasonable bargain.
We have laid out all the required pointers to keep your Polo new and vibrant

Look out for instructions

Look -out- for -instructions

Every garment piece comes with a dedicated wash instruction specific to the garment. Read through it and understand the requirement. The specifications regarding hand or machine wash, type and amount of softener, dry instructions will be listed out. It’s quite simple to stick to the rules!

Segment your wash load 

Segment- your- wash- load

Clothes bleed color. How often have you lost your favorite piece of attire to the unfortunate cloth bleeding? Avoid this misfortune from happening to your Polo T-shirts by segmenting the wash load by color. It helps you avoid dark color palettes from mixing and seeping into your much-adored Pastel Polos. 


Hang- out -to -dry

Polo T-shirts are usually made with complete 100% cotton fabric. Similar to any other cotton garments, these t-shirts are soft, absorbent, and holds their shape to stand the test of time. However, the garment can undergo shrinkage. It is good practice to avoid machine drying them, and use a wooden hanger to hang dry the T-Shirt. It ensures that the T-shirt doesn’t shrink, fade, or pill.

Press, don’t stress 

Press, -don’t -stress

To achieve that crisp, laid-back look while wearing your Polo, be sure to iron them a little after the drying process. It helps keep the Polo in its best shape. The ironing process also helps keep the collar from doing the ugly curling. Polo with a collar curl is not the same Polo we are embracing in this write-up. Don’t go “oops” with the setting – ensure that the ironing is set to cotton. We recommend you start by flattening the collar and move to the rest of the T-Shirt. Go by quadrants and cover all the parts – yes, even the button, button-hole area.

Store,- Organize, -Wear,- Repeat –

Congratulations, you are a great caretaker. All that is left to do is store the garment. Brush the T-shirt clean before you stash them away. Moths are attracted to dirt and body oils – not the fabric. You can choose to fold or hang them according to your storage space. Go for the wooden hangers and void the mushy, wire hangers as they leave weird puckers to leave a reminder of their existence. Do your closet a favor and wrap some natural moth repellents – the popular ones include cloves, rosemary, thyme, orange peel, or go with the good old naphthalene balls to guard the clothes.
These simple steps help you adorn the Polo T-Shirts, which are available in Venfield's at a reasonable price, with pride for a long time. Don’t skip having this garment in your wardrobe as we deem it a wardrobe essential for any man who knows his way around fashion.

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