5 Different Ways To Choose Formal Dresses For Men

Men’s formal dressing or more often referred to as office dressing has been very much evolved over the years. If you take a close look, you can comprehend the palette of colours used, the varietal patterns and minimalistic designs that speak volume about the style quotient of men. 

There are certain unspoken rules when you choose the couture for formal dressing. Fashion sense is something that people keep as a top item on the checklist to make a positive perception about you. For instance, let’s take a formal event – if you have dressed too casually people won’t be taking you seriously for your ideas, if you have dressed too formally similar to other people in the room, you won’t be noticed for standing out with style. So how to find the perfect balance? 


But before that you need to know about the two main settings in office: 

  • Traditional Formal Environment – where the dress code is strictly stuck to the rule book and you cannot experiment on trendy fashion releases. 
  • Modern Business Casual Environment – where they allow you to deviate from the usual setting and try out the new vogue in town. 


Continue reading to know the five different ways to choose your formal wear according to your office/event setting and be the style icon among your peers, colleagues and friends

The Colour Palette:   


When choosing for shirts always go for the nominally accepted colours for a traditional office setting, lighter shades like pink, blue and white with no or minimal patterns like stripes or checks. This will depict a calmer mood for the daytime scenario at the office. In the same case, if you are having after office party in the evening or nightfall, choose darker colours suiting your profile. On the contrary in a business casual environment, you can go with colours such as Black, Navy Blue, Brown & Grey once in a while. Check out the formal shirts collection from Venfield with shades suiting both the settings.

Strictly ‘No’ Rule:


There are certain pointers you might want to keep in top of your head when dressing up. Say a big no to wearing half sleeves shirts, as it is considered as casual and not formal. Instead, you can roll up to your elbows in case you want to be relaxed, but when at meetings or formal events, it is better to stay buttoned down till the cuffs. Similarly, never a shirt with loud patterns calling for attention – always stay on the subtle side with small, delicate yet bold patterns that boosts up your persona. While shopping never goes near the section of saturated colours that is too eye-catching for formal attire, although you can pick them up for casual events. Venfield offers a wide range of subtle patterned shirts elevating your formal look.

The Game of Pants: 


Selection of formal pants may sound like an easy task while it is not. The formal suit pants or trousers should be tailored in such a way that they taper at the end to render a sleek and lean outlook. Pairing a light coloured shirt with dark coloured pants is the sole mantra for formal dressing. Your formal pants can be shades of black, navy blue, brown or grey complementing your shirts. The other most preferred criteria is the Chino – a combination of casual jeans and formal pants made of cotton to offer you the most comfortable feeling and formal appearance at the same time. Surf through the array of formal trousers and chinos by Venfield to match those uber cool shirt range.

The Leather Component: 


Yes, you guessed right – the belt and shoes! The foremost rule for belt and shoes is that they should be matching each other and obviously go with the shade of the outfit you picked. Your belt can be of light brown, dark brown or black made of leather or faux leather, but never cotton! This provides an ultra-versatile look on you. 

 When it comes to formal footwear or shoes, take notes as this might come in handy when you are about to crack the biggest deal of your career or even when attending a promotion interview: 

  • Ensure you always wear socks in the same colour as your pant. 
  • Your shoes can be the same shade or a shade darker than your pant. 
  • And most importantly pick out the style of your shoe – laced, patterned or loafers, whatever you are most cosy with and complements your panache! 
  • Polish off the speck of dust and keep them glossy always.

Suit up: 


A three-piece suit is a reserved attire for highly formal meetings and weddings in today’s scenario. It is a mandate to own at least one business suit for your top priority business events or if you love dressing them up for the everyday office, then make sure you have 3-4 different colours hanging happily in your wardrobe. But what colours can they be? Tailor fit suits can be expensive and you ought to go with the solid colours that will complement all your outfits tastefully. Navy Blue, Charcoal Grey and Black remain as the top pick for formal suits for men around the world! 

A thorough formal look is only achieved with ties and wristwatches! They add to the subtlety and flamboyance. Go for metallic strapped watches or leather straps with thin dials and remember to stay on the analogue side, as fancy dials and digital watches are not considered to be a part of the formal outfit! You can also pick up other accessories like cufflinks and pocket kerchiefs to complete the businessman in you. 

Invest your time in prepping up your formal attire for the day and take care of them for a timeless appeal, because your they act as your identity and showcases your impeccable mannerism and solemnity to work! 

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